Our Targets

We stand for the values of freedom and critical thinking, for an open society in which the rights of the individual are respected. 

We want to offer the protection they need to the people who have had to flee because they have demanded these fundamental values for themselves and their country.


• We want to bring into the public eye problems from religion-free persons seeking protection, that have so far been concealed.

• We make quick decisions for effective aid offers.

• The integration and participation of fugitives is our subject and goal.

• We are working to improve the legal framework for their protection.


We insist on an effective state protection for religion-free fugitives in Germany. That means:

• Secular fugitives must be housed in safe private shelter rather than in collective accommodation. In the event of conflict, there must be a hotline that can help immediately. Separated collective accommodation is also not acceptable for security reasons.

• The residence location regulation according to § 12a Abs 5 Nr. 2 AufenthG, must be lifted for these people, so that they can quickly escape stalking.

• In order to not enable persecutors to find them, authorities must categorically refuse to provide information on these persons.

• Apostasy must be recognised as a reason for asylum, not only in cases of persecution by the state or religious groups, but also explicitly in cases of persecution by private individuals, families, etc. in the country of origin.

• The freedom to live religiously or non-religiously is the basis of pluralistic societies. People who declare themselves to be secular and are therefore threatened in their countries of origin or by religious groups make a courageous contribution to the realisation of social pluralism. They deserve protection and a long-term perspective here. It’s the only perspective they have!